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Dead Dead Dead.

Dead Catchup

Milton Oboote -- Brutal former ruler of Uganda
Louis Nye -- played Sonny Drysdale on the TV series "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Charles Rocket -- Former cast member on the TV show "Saturday Night Live" who was fired for using the F-word on the air
August Wilson -- Playwright, "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", "The Piano Lesson"
Nipsey Russell -- Author of "The Road Less Traveled"
M. Scott Peck -- Played Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 on "Get Smart"
Tommy Bond -- Played Butch in the "Our Gang" movies
Molly Yard -- Former leader of N.O.W. (the National Organization for Women)
Simon Wiesnethal -- Nazi hunter, founder and head of the Jewish Documentation Centre in Vienna
Robert Wise -- Director of numerous acclaimed films, including "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "West Side Story", and "The Sound of Music"

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Current Standings:
froggytwang = 2 points
raven_mdt = 5 points
starrihannon = 2 points
la_vendetta = 1 point
yin_yang_boi = 2 point
plasticpenguin = 1 point
drunkitty = 2 points
djronb = 2 points

Feel free to correct any errors here... But, I do believe that 10 months and raven_mdt is firmly in the lead...

That is all.
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